What I have learned at GLOW, is to have Self-esteem and have learned new life skills. Mrs. Velvet and the other staff have taught me life skills to not worry about bad things in life to think about the positive things that can help me in my future and now. Before I got to G.L.O.W. I was not how I was on the outside I had bad behaviors and didn’t really have my future in my hands. I really have learned a lot about self esteem I used to get very emotional with my feelings that happened in the past. I learned not to let your bad feelings get to you and let the good emotions help you guide your day. I am very thankful to Mrs. Velvet and the other staff for guiding me through. These are the two things I have learned from G.L.O.W.



Everyone has a testimony, but it’s always your decision to tell it.  No one can tell it like you can! Now that I am growing and starting to understand why things happen, I realized I lacked leadership.  I need to set a role to those around me, and that is what G.L.O.W is teaching me.  I am learning leadership; the ability to lead,  responsibility, and respect.  Many young women my age may be leaning on their parents to buy them things but I am learning to save money, and in order to get money, you have to have a job.  Me being one of the oldest in a group home teaches me responsibilities; chores, communication skills, and the ability to actually look for a job are big when it comes to responsibility. Many may lack responsibility, and that is one of the things  G.L.O.W has taught me and is still teaching me now. Last but not least respect, respect is not just saying yes ma’am and no ma’am, it is also how you approach an adult. Respect can be shown in body language and the way you speak to an adult. Through the situation I went through I didn’t know how to open up and express my self so instead, I took it out on those around me.  Which was not a good idea, my mother did teach me respect, she was really big on that.  It wasn’t the fact that I didn’t know what respect was or how to shown, it was simply because I stopped caring about other people and I didn’t care to show them respect. G.L.O.W taught me to open up and that its ok to be angry but there’s a point when I need to let God handle it and forgive. That’s when I came to my senses and let go.