G.L.O.W. (God Loves Ordinary Women) offers a vast array of programs and services that are designed to equip young girls with the necessary tools to lead positive and productive lives. G.L.O.W. seeks to inform and de-stigmatize community issues at the individual level, while allowing young girls to know that struggles, hardships, and tragedies are real. The purpose of our services is to foster the inclusive environment needed to start on a path of healing.


G.L.O.W. teaches workshops on personal care and beautification in a way that helps young girls and women to develop a healthy and positive self-image/confidence from the inside to the outside.


G.L.O.W. provides after-school tutoring to young ladies, ages 10 to 18, to help with the scholastic skills essential to succeed in their academic endeavors.


G.L.O.W. offers workshops that teach the basics of conversational and dining etiquette/manners. These are skills that will transcend from the classroom to the dinner table. G.L.O.W. believes that every young woman should carry herself like the woman she was created to be. Our etiquette/manner workshops help to equip each young woman with the tools necessary to convey the message that “I am somebody.”


Young girls sometimes require special help in learning the basic life skills essential to leading successful lives as adults, such as obtaining and maintaining a job, managing a home, money management, and health and nutrition. These life skills are provided through G.L.O.W.’s Life Skills training program, and each young lady who completes our Life Skills training program will be equipped to spiritually and naturally be who God created her to be and how to live how God created her to live.


At G.L.O.W., we believe every human being has leadership qualities. We encourage each young woman to develop their leadership skills by identifying, understanding, and accepting their unique qualities, finding their God-ordained purpose, and providing the support needed to become all God has called her to be.


In life, it is important to have a healthy and positive self-image. At G.L.O.W., we work to build each young woman’s self-esteem to the level God intended.