The proposed program entails a series of workshops, seminars, community service projects, mentoring programs and pre-internships, conferences. G.L.O.W. equips young girls and young women with the necessary tools to lead liberating and success-driven lives.  At G.L.O.W. we are committed to operating daily with our mission and vision at the forefront of our minds:

GOALS: (6 Stages of Essence)

  1. Academic Success
  2. Personal Care/Beautification
  3. Etiquette/Manners
  4. Life Skills
  5. Leadership
  6. Self Esteem

Remember our motto is “Letting young girls shine, one step at a time!” If you would like to help make a dynamic impact on a young girls life schedule one of our valuable workshops or combine more than one for more training to help young girls grow into a prosperous woman.

Contact Velvet George to schedule your workshop today!