G.L.O.W. (God Loves Ordinary Women) equips young girls in the Jacksonville, Florida area with the necessary tools to lead liberating and success-driven lives. The program offers regular workshops and seminars on academic success, leadership, etiquette/manners, life skills training, self-esteem, and personal care/beautification.

There is one common thread we all share, which transcends race, gender, social status, education, and/or religion – life. Life happens, and it happens to us all. For those of us who experience stressful or harsh periods in adolescence, these experiences can lead to deeper and longer impacts on our adult lives. Some of us are blessed to recognize the God-given power we are innately equipped with that allows us to triumph over tragedy. Some of us need a little help through the healing process. At G.L.O.W. that’s what we’re all about – helping young girls press past the issues onto pathways of victory.

G.L.O.W.’s work would not be possible without the support of our valued partners. We are always seeking to partner with individuals and organizations alike to further the vision of G.L.O.W. Whether by way of financial contribution or volunteering at one of our events throughout the year, your partnership is needed and valued.


Letting young girls shine, one step at a time!


God Loves Ordinary Women (G.L.O.W.) seeks to build positive, lifelong relationships within the Jacksonville, Florida, community by providing no-cost events to the public.

To learn more about how you can support G.L.O.W.’s vision; please send us an e-mail today!


God Loves Ordinary Women (G.L.O.W.) is a community outreach program offered by New Heaven Dominion, Inc. that is geared toward enabling and empowering young girls to lead more productive lives despite the pressures and tragedies they may experience in life. It is G.L.O.W.’s mission to instill knowledge, confidence, independence, and life priorities to young girls. At G.L.O.W. we believe it is possible to overcome the common